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  Order number ? OEM reference ? Description Finish OriginPrice (EUR) Export (EUR)?  
33054-70P (33054-70P / 12637) 33054-70P 33054-70P / 12637 Pedal, starter crank - NOSchromeitaly44.0036.36
33057-70P (33057-70P) 33057-70P 33057-70P Starter crank assy. - NOSchromeitaly175.00144.63
33073-61P (33073-61P / 4281) 33073-61P 33073-61P / 4281 Rubber, starter pedal - NOSblackitaly37.0030.58
33081-65P (33081-65P) 33081-65P 33081-65P Return spring - NOSbareitaly15.0012.40
33087-68P (33087-68P / 9442) 33087-68P 33087-68P / 9442 Stud - kick starter spring - NOS italy9.007.44
33090-67P 33090-67P Starter transfer shaft - NOS italy75.0061.98
33090-67Pused 33090-67P Starter transfer shaft italy22.0018.18
33093-65P (33093-65P) 33093-65P 33093-65P Crankshaft, starter - NOS italy72.0059.50
33093-65Pused 33093-65P Crankshaft, starter italy15.0012.40
33097-70P (33097-70P) 33097-70P 33097-70P Starter crankshaft - NOS italy95.0078.51
33100-75P (33100-75P) 33100-75P 33100-75P Starter crankshaft - use with 35082-74P for '73-'74. - NOS italy65.0053.72
33104-68P (33104-68P) 33104-68P 33104-68P Thrust washer, starter gear 0.4 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
33105-68P (33105-68P) 33105-68P 33105-68P Thrust washer, starter gear 0.5 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
33106-68P (33106-68P) 33106-68P 33106-68P Thrust washer, starter gear 0.6 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
33107-68P (33107-68P) 33107-68P 33107-68P Thrust washer, starter gear 0.7 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
33108-68P (33108-68P) 33108-68P 33108-68P Thrust washer, starter gear 0.8 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
33109-68P (33109-68P) 33109-68P 33109-68P Thrust washer, starter gear 0.9 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
33110-68P (33110-68P / 4551/10) 33110-68P 33110-68P / 4551/10 Thrust washer, starter gear 1.0 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
33154-68P (33154-68P) 33154-68P 33154-68P Cover, starter spring - NOSbareitaly24.0019.83
33194-65P (33194-65P / 7062) 33194-65P 33194-65P / 7062 Rubber, starter pedal - NOS italy22.0018.18
33195-61P (33195-61P / 1113) 33195-61P 33195-61P / 1113 Spring, starter crank pedal - NOS italy1.501.24
33346-68P (33346-68P) 33346-68P 33346-68P Gear, starter crank shaft - NOS italy54.0044.63
33347-67P (33347-67P) 33347-67P 33347-67P Gear, starter crank shaft - NOS italy65.0053.72
33347-67Pused 33347-67Pused Gear, starter crank shaftuseditaly20.0016.53
33356-68P (33356-68P) 33356-68P 33356-68P Bumper pin, starter crank - NOS italy3.502.89
33358-65P (33358-65P) 33358-65P 33358-65P Bumper, starter crank - NOS italy4.003.31
33381-65P (33381-65P) 33381-65P 33381-65P Starter ratchet - NOS italy35.0028.93
33381-65Pused 33381-65P Starter ratchet italy14.0011.57
33382-68P (33382-68P) 33382-68P 33382-68P Starter ratchet - NOS italy30.0024.79
33384-65P (33384-65P) 33384-65P 33384-65P Tapered stud - NOSzincitaly7.005.79
33384-65P.10pack 33384-65P Tapered studs - NOSzincitaly55.0045.45
33385-65P 33385-65P Guide, return spring - NOS italy12.009.92
33392-65PA (33392-65PA) 33392-65PA 33392-65PA Spring, starter ratchet - NOS italy5.504.55
33394-68P 33394-68P Washer, ratchet spring - NOS italy1.501.24
33396-68P (33396-68P) 33396-68P 33396-68P Cam screw, starter ratchet - NOS italy9.007.44
33420-65P (33420-65P) 33420-65P 33420-65P Thrust washer, crankshaft 0.2 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
33421-65P (33421-65P) 33421-65P 33421-65P Thrust washer, crankshaft 0.3 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
33422-65P (33422-65P) 33422-65P 33422-65P Thrust washer, crankshaft 0.4 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
33423-65P (33423-65P) 33423-65P 33423-65P Thrust washer, crankshaft 0.6 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
33424-65P 33424-65P Thrust washer, crankshaft 0.8 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
33425-65P (33425-65P) 33425-65P 33425-65P Thrust washer, crankshaft 0.5 mm - NOS italy1.501.24
34014-68P 34014-68P Shifter cam - NOS italy125.00103.31
34026-66P (34026-66P) 34026-66P 34026-66P Shifter foot lever - NOSchromeitaly54.0044.63
34030-66P (34030-66P) 34030-66P 34030-66P Shifter pedal pin - NOS italy7.005.79
34032-66P (34032-66P) 34032-66P 34032-66P Shifter ratchet - NOS italy55.0045.45
34034-66P (34034-66P) 34034-66P 34034-66P Register spring - NOS italy3.002.48
34036-66P (34036-66P) 34036-66P 34036-66P Spring retainer - NOS italy1.000.83
34038-72P (34038-72P) 34038-72P 34038-72P Pedal lever - NOSzincitaly35.0028.93
34039-72P (34039-72P) 34039-72P 34039-72P Spacer, shifter lever - NOSzincitaly3.502.89
34040-66P (34040-66P) 34040-66P 34040-66P Nut, 8 mm x 1 - NOSzincitaly1.000.83
34042-66P (34042-66P) 34042-66P 34042-66P Washer, - NOSzincitaly1.501.24
34044-66P (34044-66P) 34044-66P 34044-66P Spring retainer disc - inner - NOS italy3.502.89
34046-66P (34046-66P) 34046-66P 34046-66P Spring retainer disc - outer - NOS italy3.502.89
34048-66P (34048-66P) 34048-66P 34048-66P Pedal return spring - NOS italy4.003.31
34050-66P 34050-66P Spring retainer ring - NOS italy3.502.89
34052-66P (34052-66P) 34052-66P 34052-66P Pawl - NOS italy12.009.92
34054-66P (34054-66P) 34054-66P 34054-66P Pawl spring - NOS italy2.001.65
34056-66P (34056-66P) 34056-66P 34056-66P Cover - NOS italy23.0019.01
34058-66P (34058-66P) 34058-66P 34058-66P Screw, cover - NOS italy1.501.24
34066-66P (34066-66P) 34066-66P 34066-66P Nut 8 mm x 1.25 - spacer stud & bracket - NOS italy1.000.83
34070-66P (34070-66P) 34070-66P 34070-66P Bolt, bracket - 8 mm x 1.25 x 20 - NOSzincitaly2.001.65
34164-68P (34164-68P) 34164-68P 34164-68P Shifter fork, 1st and 3rd gears - NOS italy30.0024.79
34165-68P (34165-68P) 34165-68P 34165-68P Shifter fork, 2nd and 4th gears - NOS italy30.0024.79
34172-68P (34172-68P) 34172-68P 34172-68P Pin, shifter fork - NOS italy6.004.96
34410-65P (34410-65P) 34410-65P 34410-65P Shifter plate - NOS italy37.0030.58
34413-65P (34413-65P) 34413-65P 34413-65P Washer, shifter shaft - NOSzincitaly2.001.65
34414-65P (34414-65P) 34414-65P 34414-65P Shifter finger - NOS italy9.007.44
34416-65P (34416-65P) 34416-65P 34416-65P Spacer washer, 0.6 mm - shifter shaft - NOS italy1.501.24
34417-65P (34417-65P) 34417-65P 34417-65P Spacer washer, 0.8 mm - shifter shaft - NOS italy1.501.24
34418-65P (34418-65P) 34418-65P 34418-65P Spacer washer, 1.0 mm - shifter shaft - NOS italy1.501.24
34419-65P (34419-65P) 34419-65P 34419-65P Spacer washer, 1.2 mm - shifter shaft - NOS italy3.502.89
34420-65P (34420-65P) 34420-65P 34420-65P Spacer washer, 1.4 mm - shifter shaft - NOS italy1.501.24
34472-73P (34472-73P) 34472-73P 34472-73P Pawl carrier - NOS italy65.0053.72
34473-73P (34473-73P) 34473-73P 34473-73P Pawl carrier assy. - NOS italy85.0070.25
34474-73P (34474-73P) 34474-73P 34474-73P Transfer shaft, gear shifter - NOS italy47.0038.84
34476-68P (34476-68P) 34476-68P 34476-68P Pawl, gear shifter - NOS italy15.0012.40
34476-73P (34476-73P) 34476-73P 34476-73P Pawl, gear shifter - NOS italy22.0018.18
34478-73P (34478-73P / 16520) 34478-73P 34478-73P / 16520 Spring washer, transfer shaft - NOS italy3.502.89
34481-61P (34481-61P / 1056) 34481-61P 34481-61P / 1056 Pawl spring - NOS italy3.002.48
34482-62P (34482-62P / 4960) 34482-62P 34482-62P / 4960 Spring, pawl carrier - NOS italy9.007.44
34610-66P (34610-66P) 34610-66P 34610-66P Rubber pedal - footshifter - NOS italy24.0019.83
34635-61P (34635-61P) 34635-61P 34635-61P Plunger, cam stop - NOS italy8.006.61
34636-61P (34636-61P) 34636-61P 34636-61P Spring, cam stop plunger - NOS italy3.502.89
34636-72P (34636-72P) 34636-72P 34636-72P Spring, cam stop plunger - NOS italy3.502.89
34639-68P (34639-68P / 9534) 34639-68P 34639-68P / 9534 Plug, cam stop plunger - NOSzincusa12.009.92
34650-65P (34650-65P) 34650-65P 34650-65P Guide, shifter locator - NOSzincitaly38.0031.40
34651-65P (34651-65P) 34651-65P 34651-65P Spring, shifter locator ball - NOS italy4.003.31
34663-65P (34663-65P) 34663-65P 34663-65P Washer, shifter cable clamp - 0.8 mm - NOSzincitaly2.502.07
34668-65P (34668-65P) 34668-65P 34668-65P Washer, cable anchor - 1.0 mm - NOS italy2.502.07
34669-65P (34669-65P) 34669-65P 34669-65P Washer, cable anchor - 1.2 mm - NOS italy2.001.65
34670-65P (34670-65P) 34670-65P 34670-65P Washer, cable anchor - 1.5 mm - NOS italy3.002.48
34686-72P (34686-72P) 34686-72P 34686-72P Shifter crank - NOSzincitaly26.0021.49
34688-66P (34688-66P) 34688-66P 34688-66P Ball retaining ring - NOS italy1.501.24
34690-72P (34690-72P) 34690-72P 34690-72P Link rod - NOS italy7.005.79
35034-67P (35034-67P) 35034-67P 35034-67P Mainshaft - NOS italy85.0070.25
35034-73P (35034-73P) 35034-73P 35034-73P Mainshaft - NOS italy85.0070.25
35081-68P (35081-68P / 9407) 35081-68P 35081-68P / 9407 Retaining ring - NOS italy2.502.07
35082-74P (35082-74P / 19497) 35082-74P 35082-74P / 19497 Retaining ring, starter crankshaft - NOS italy1.000.83
35203-73P (35203-73P) 35203-73P 35203-73P 13 T sprocket - NOS italy29.0023.97
35204-73P (35204-73P) 35204-73P 35204-73P 14 T sprocket - NOS italy31.0025.62

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