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  Order number ? OEM reference ? Description Finish OriginPrice (EUR) Export (EUR)?  
40501-72P (40501-72P) 40501-72P 40501-72P Dust shield italy3.002.48
40502-72P (40502-72P) 40502-72P 40502-72P Spacer italy6.004.96
40502-73P (40502-73P) 40502-73P 40502-73P Spacer italy7.005.79
40503-73P (40503-73P) 40503-73P 40503-73P Spacer, left - outer italy2.802.31
41022-72P (41022-72P) 41022-72P 41022-72P Hub, rear wheel italy125.00103.31
41022-73P (41022-73P) 41022-73P 41022-73P Hub, rear wheel italy135.00111.57
41462-72 (41462-72) 41462-72 41462-72 Rear wheel sprocket - 32 T  39.0032.23
41463-72 (41463-72) 41463-72 41463-72 Rear wheel sprocket - 40 T  35.0028.93
41478-73P (41478-73P) 41478-73P 41478-73P Rear sprocket - 32 T italy75.0061.98
41480-73P (41480-73P) 41480-73P 41480-73P Rear sprocket - 41 T italy45.0037.19
41481-73P (41481-73P) 41481-73P 41481-73P Rear sprocket - 45 T  75.0061.98
41487-72P (41487-72P) 41487-72P 41487-72P Sprocket flange italy59.0048.76
41488-73 (41488-73P) 41488-73 41488-73P Sprocket - 30 T italy35.0028.93
41488-73P (41488-73P) 41488-73P 41488-73P Sprocket, with flange - 30 T italy85.0070.25
41489-72P (41489-72P) 41489-72P 41489-72P Spacer, bearing italy4.003.31
41490-72P (41490-72P) 41490-72P 41490-72P Rubber cushion italy12.009.92
41556-72 (41556-72) 41556-72 41556-72 Front axle retainer kitzincusa24.0019.83
41556-72P (41556-72P) 41556-72P 41556-72P Nut, axle italy4.003.31
41557-72 (41557-72) 41557-72 41557-72 Locknut, 12 mm front axle usa4.003.31
41557-72P 41557-72P / 5934 Washer, front axle / brake shoe camzincitaly1.501.24
41625-72P (41625-72P) 41625-72P 41625-72P Spacer, bearing italy8.006.61
41656-72P (41656-72P) 41656-72P 41656-72P Side plate italy85.0070.25
41656-73P (41656-73P) 41656-73P 41656-73P Side plate italy85.0070.25
41662-74P (41662-74P / 21867) 41662-74P 41662-74P / 21867 Inspection plug - brake liningrubberitaly5.004.13
41838-65P (41838-65P) 41838-65P 41838-65P Spring, brake shoe italy7.005.79
41926-72P (41926-72P) 41926-72P 41926-72P Brake lever italy16.0013.22
41956-72P (41956-72P) 41956-72P 41956-72P Washer, brake lever italy3.002.48
42265-65P (42265-65P) 42265-65P 42265-65P Nut, cable adjusting screwzincitaly1.000.83
42266-65P (42266-65P / 6925) 42266-65P 42266-65P / 6925 Adjusting nut, front brake / rear brake italy9.007.44
42276-72P (42276-72P) 42276-72P 42276-72P Screw, brake cable anchorzincitaly3.502.89
42408-73P (42408-73P) 42408-73P 42408-73P Rear brake pedal italy42.0034.71
42409-72P (42409-72P) 42409-72P 42409-72P Rear brake pedalblackitaly85.0070.25
42411-65P (42411-65P / 6959) 42411-65P 42411-65P / 6959 Pin, brake lever italy3.002.48
42414-68P (42414-68P) 42414-68P 42414-68P Pedal rubber italy17.0014.05
42429-73P (42429-73P) 42429-73P 42429-73P Spring, brake pedal return italy10.008.26
42431-65P (42431-65P) 42431-65P 42431-65P Adjusting screw, brake cablezincitaly6.004.96
42431-73P (42431-73P) 42431-73P 42431-73P Adjusting screw, cablezincitaly6.004.96
43017-72P (43017-72P) 43017-72P 43017-72P Wheel italy175.00144.63
43542-72P (43542-72P) 43542-72P 43542-72P Hub, front wheel italy175.00144.63
43543-72P (43543-72P) 43543-72P 43543-72P Stud, hub italy4.003.31
43880-74P (43880-74P) 43880-74P 43880-74P Axle, front wheel italy35.0028.93
43904-61P (43904-61P / 4303) 43904-61P 43904-61P / 4303 Cable anchorzincitaly9.007.44
44073-65 (44073-65) 44073-65 44073-65 Pair of brake shoes with linings italy45.0037.19
44103-65 (44103-65) 44103-65 44103-65 Pair of brake linings italy18.0014.88
44145-72P (44145-72P) 44145-72P 44145-72P Side plate italy110.0090.91
44145-74PA (44145-74PA) 44145-74PA 44145-74PA Side plate, with inspection holes italy135.00111.57
44309-72P (44309-72P) 44309-72P 44309-72P Brake lever italy17.0014.05
45022-69P (45022-69P) 45022-69P 45022-69P Support, clutch lever italy33.0027.27
45022-69PA (45022-69PA) 45022-69PA 45022-69PA Support, clutch lever italy45.0037.19
45022-73P (45022-73P/45022-69PA) 45022-73P 45022-73P/45022-69PA Support, clutch lever italy38.0031.40
45025-69P (45025-69P) 45025-69P 45025-69P Support, brake lever (for stop light switch)greyitaly35.0028.93
45025-73PA (45025-73PA) 45025-73PA 45025-73PA Support, brake levergreyitaly35.0028.93
45032-69P 45032-69P / 12488 Bushing, clutch and brake lever pin italy2.502.07
45034-69P (45034-69P / 12487) 45034-69P 45034-69P / 12487 Pin, clutch and brake leverchromeitaly5.504.55
45143-73P 45143-73P Cable wire italy11.009.09
45162-61P (45162-61P) 45162-61P 45162-61P Screw, cable adjustingzincitaly12.5010.33
45164-61P 45164-61P / 4052 Nut, adjusting screwzincitaly5.004.13
45205-71P (45205-71P / 14612) 45205-71P 45205-71P / 14612 Pin, cable anchorzincitaly4.003.31
45472-74P (45472-74P) 45472-74P 45472-74P Seal, fork slider italy8.006.61
45482-74P (45482-74P) 45482-74P 45482-74P Spring italy24.0019.83
45484-74P 45484-74P Seal, fork slider italy12.009.92
45624-74P (45624-74P) 45624-74P 45624-74P Bushing, fork slider - lower italy10.008.26
45625-74P (45625-74P) 45625-74P 45625-74P Bushing, fork slider - upper italy41.0033.88
45635-72P (45635-72P / 15557) 45635-72P 45635-72P / 15557 U-bolt, handlebar mounting italy7.005.79
45637-72P (45637-72P) 45637-72P 45637-72P Nut, handlebar U-boltzincitaly3.002.48
45702-72P (45702-72P) 45702-72P 45702-72P Fork stem & bracket italy130.00107.44
45709-72P (45709-72P) 45709-72P 45709-72P Front fork upper bracket italy45.0037.19
45711-73P (45711-73P) 45711-73P 45711-73P Upper bracket italy65.0053.72
45721-65P (45721-65P) 45721-65P 45721-65P Washer, fork stem italy3.002.48
45740-70P (45740-70P) 45740-70P 45740-70P Adjuster nut, upper fork bracket italy23.0019.01
45745-72P 45745-72P Nut, fork lower bracket italy2.502.07
45746-72P (45746-72P) 45746-72P 45746-72P Nut, fork stem italy16.0013.22
45760-65P (45760-65P) 45760-65P 45760-65P Bolt, fork tube italy1.000.83
45760-66P (45760-66P / 9658) 45760-66P 45760-66P / 9658 Bolt, starter crankzincitaly1.000.83
45761-65P (45761-65P) 45761-65P 45761-65P Washer italy1.000.83
45761-73P (45761-73P) 45761-73P 45761-73P Washer, fork tube italy1.000.83
45762-73P 45762-73P Nut, upper spring stud assy. italy3.002.48
45763-73P (45763-73P) 45763-73P 45763-73P Acorn nut, upper spring stud assy. italy3.002.48
45764-73P (45764-73P) 45764-73P 45764-73P Stud assy., spring - upperbareitaly16.0013.22
45804-72P (45804-72P) 45804-72P 45804-72P Fork slider - right italy85.0070.25
45805-72P (45805-72P) 45805-72P 45805-72P Fork slider - left italy85.0070.25
45957-73P 45957-73P Fork tube italy185.00152.89
46108-72P (46108-72P) 46108-72P 46108-72P Spring italy28.0023.14
46108-73P 46108-73P Spring italy24.0019.83
46109-72P (46109-72P) 46109-72P 46109-72P Stud, spring italy7.005.79
46110-72P (46110-72P) 46110-72P 46110-72P Roll pin, spring stud italy0.800.66
46112-72P (46112-72P) 46112-72P 46112-72P Retainer, spring - lower italy15.0012.40
47418-69P (47418-69P) 47418-69P 47418-69P Rubber bushing, engine upper mounting italy9.007.44
47512-65PA (47512-65PA / 15088) 47512-65PA 47512-65PA / 15088 Nut, rear fork pivot bolt / brake pedalzincitaly2.502.07
47527-65P (47527-65P) 47527-65P 47527-65P Bushing, rear fork italy14.0011.57
47533-65P (47533-65P) 47533-65P 47533-65P Pivot bolt - rear fork italy47.0038.84
47533-73P (47533-73P) 47533-73P 47533-73P Pivot bolt - rear fork italy32.0026.45
47542-65P (47542-65P / 7380) 47542-65P 47542-65P / 7380 Washer, rear fork pivot bolt head italy2.001.65
48317-70P (48317-70P) 48317-70P 48317-70P Cup, steering head italy45.0037.19
48347-70P (48347-70P) 48347-70P 48347-70P Cone, steering head - lower italy32.0026.45
48348-70P 48348-70P Cone, steering head - upper italy45.0037.19
49715-73P (49715-73P / 17996) 49715-73P 49715-73P / 17996 Spring, jiffy standzincitaly6.505.37
50008-70P (50008-70P) 50008-70P 50008-70P Washer, jiffy standzincusa2.502.07
50011-72P 50011-72P Return spring, jiffy standzincitaly12.009.92
50806-73P (50806-73P) 50806-73P 50806-73P Rod, footrest support italy24.0019.83

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