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  Order number ? OEM reference ? Description Finish OriginPrice (EUR) Export (EUR)?  
41180-68P (41180-68P) 41180-68P 41180-68P Bearing spacer, rear wheel axle - NOS italy19.0015.70
41181-61P (41181-61P / 1665) 41181-61P 41181-61P / 1665 Felt seal, shield - NOS italy3.502.89
41205-61P (41205-61P / 1684) 41205-61P 41205-61P / 1684 Spacer, right bearing - NOSzincitaly4.003.31
41207-68P (41207-68P / 10304) 41207-68P 41207-68P / 10304 Spacer, left bearing - NOS italy5.004.13
41209-68P (41209-68P) 41209-68P 41209-68P Outer spacer, wheel bearing - NOSzincitaly6.505.37
41460-68P (41460-68P) 41460-68P 41460-68P Rear wheel sprocket - 42 T - NOS italy65.0053.72
41501-68P (41501-68P / 10216) 41501-68P 41501-68P / 10216 Flange, rear sprocket - NOS italy19.0015.70
41504-68P (41504-68P) 41504-68P 41504-68P Rubber cushion - NOS italy7.506.20
41546-68P (41546-68P) 41546-68P 41546-68P Axle, rear - NOS italy32.0026.45
41599-61P (41599-61P) 41599-61P 41599-61P Nut, axle - 14 mm - NOSzincitaly6.004.96
41662-74P (41662-74P / 21867) 41662-74P 41662-74P / 21867 Inspection plug - brake lining - NOSrubberitaly5.004.13
41835-68P (41835-68P) 41835-68P 41835-68P Spring, brake shoe - NOS italy5.004.13
41854-61P (41854-61P / 1836) 41854-61P 41854-61P / 1836 Rivet, brake shoe, 4 mm x 8 - front, rear - NOS italy0.800.66
41919-73P (41919-73P) 41919-73P 41919-73P Brake lever - NOS italy16.0013.22
41923-68P (41923-68P) 41923-68P 41923-68P Lever, rear brake - NOS italy17.0014.05
41941-68P 41941-68P / 10306 Washer, brake lever - thick - NOSzincitaly1.501.24
41942-65P (41942-65P / 5893) 41942-65P 41942-65P / 5893 Washer, brake lever - thin - NOSzincitaly1.000.83
41947-68P (41947-68P / 10235) 41947-68P 41947-68P / 10235 Cam, brake shoe - NOS italy18.0014.88
42267-68P (42267-68P / 10547) 42267-68P 42267-68P / 10547 Adjusting nut, brake cable - NOS italy8.006.61
42269-68P (42269-68P / 10242) 42269-68P 42269-68P / 10242 Pin, rear brake lever - NOSzincitaly4.003.31
42271-68P (42271-68P) 42271-68P 42271-68P Clevis pin, brake lever - NOS italy2.902.40
42392-70M (42392-70M) 42392-70M 42392-70M Brake pedal, with rubber - NOS italy64.0052.89
42404-73P (42404-73P) 42404-73P 42404-73P Rear brake pedal - NOS italy75.0061.98
42414-68P (42414-68P) 42414-68P 42414-68P Pedal rubber - NOS italy17.0014.05
42429-73P (42429-73P) 42429-73P 42429-73P Spring, brake pedal return - NOS italy10.008.26
43027-70M (43027-70M) 43027-70M 43027-70M Spoke, outer 81 degree hook - NOS italy2.001.65
43028-70M (43028-70M) 43028-70M 43028-70M Spoke, inner 95 degree hook - NOS italy2.001.65
43032-70M (43032-70M) 43032-70M 43032-70M Wheel spoke, outer 81 degree hook - NOS italy2.001.65
43033-70M (43033-70M) 43033-70M 43033-70M Wheel spoke, inner 95 degree hook - NOS italy2.001.65
43090-70P (43090-70P) 43090-70P 43090-70P Spring, brake lever - NOS italy9.007.44
43090-73P (43090-73P / 18355) 43090-73P 43090-73P / 18355 Spring, brake lever - NOS italy9.007.44
43097-61P (43097-61P / N29004) 43097-61P 43097-61P / N29004 Spoke nipple - NOS italy1.501.24
43507-70MA (43507-70MA) 43507-70MA 43507-70MA Front wheel hub - NOS italy215.00177.69
43737-61P 43737-61P / 1660 Inner spacer, wheel bearing - NOS italy14.0011.57
43902-70M (43902-70M/ 43902-70P) 43902-70M 43902-70M/ 43902-70P Anchor strap, side plate - NOSchromeitaly38.0031.40
43902-70P (43902-70P/43902-70M) 43902-70P 43902-70P/43902-70M Anchor strap, side plate - NOSchromeitaly38.0031.40
43904-61P (43904-61P / 4303) 43904-61P 43904-61P / 4303 Cable anchor - NOSzincitaly9.007.44
44144-70P (44144-70P) 44144-70P 44144-70P Side plate - without inspection holes - NOS italy80.0066.12
44405-68 (44405-68) 44405-68 44405-68 Set of brake shoes - NOS italy65.0053.72
44425-68 (44425-68) 44425-68 44425-68 Pair of brake linings - NOS italy15.0012.40
44512-68P (44512-68P) 44512-68P 44512-68P Lever, front brake - NOS italy16.0013.22
44512-73P (44512-73P / 20187) 44512-73P 44512-73P / 20187 Lever, front brake - NOSzincitaly15.0012.40
45018-62P (45018-62P) 45018-62P 45018-62P Hand lever, clutch & brake - NOS italy27.0022.31
45022-69P (45022-69P) 45022-69P 45022-69P Support, clutch lever - NOS italy33.0027.27
45025-69P (45025-69P) 45025-69P 45025-69P Support, brake lever (for stop light switch) - NOSgreyitaly35.0028.93
45026-65M (45026-65M) 45026-65M 45026-65M Bracket, brake lever to handlebar - NOSchromeitaly35.0028.93
45028-73M (45028-73M / 19269) 45028-73M 45028-73M / 19269 Bracket, brake lever to handlebar - NOSpolisheditaly27.0022.31
45029-73M (45029-73M) 45029-73M 45029-73M Clamp, brake lever bracket - NOSchromeitaly65.0053.72
45032-69P 45032-69P / 12488 Bushing, clutch and brake lever pin - NOS italy2.502.07
45034-69P (45034-69P / 12487) 45034-69P 45034-69P / 12487 Pin, clutch and brake lever - NOSchromeitaly5.504.55
45036-61P 45036-61P Pivot pin, clutch & brake lever - NOSchromeitaly6.004.96
45077-70M (45077-70M/45077-70P) 45077-70M 45077-70M/45077-70P Cable & coil assy. - NOS italy45.0037.19
45077-73M (45077-73M) 45077-73M 45077-73M Cable & coil assy. - NOS italy32.0026.45
45082-70MA (45082-70MA) 45082-70MA 45082-70MA Brake cable assy. - NOS italy35.0028.93
45110-62P (45110-62P / N23974) 45110-62P 45110-62P / N23974 Cable block - NOSzincitaly8.006.61
45162-61P (45162-61P) 45162-61P 45162-61P Screw, cable adjusting - NOSzincitaly12.5010.33
45162-68P (45162-68P / 10699) 45162-68P 45162-68P / 10699 Screw, cable adjusting - NOSchromeitaly9.007.44
45164-61P 45164-61P / 4052 Nut, adjusting screw - NOSzincitaly5.004.13
45175-70MA (45175-70MA) 45175-70MA 45175-70MA Throttle control cable assy. - NOS italy28.0023.14
45178-71M (45178-71M) 45178-71M 45178-71M Throttle control cable assy. - NOS italy21.0017.36
45180-71P (45180-71P) 45180-71P 45180-71P Upper clamp, carburetor control grip - Tommaselli - NOSchromeitaly37.0030.58
45181-71M (45181-71M) 45181-71M 45181-71M Screw, 5 mm x 35 throttle stop - NOS italy12.009.92
45181-71P (45181-71P) 45181-71P 45181-71P Screw, 5 mm x 35 throttle stop - NOSzincitaly5.004.13
45182-71P (45182-71P) 45182-71P 45182-71P Nut, 5 mm throttle stop screw - NOSzincitaly2.001.65
45184-71P (45184-71P) 45184-71P 45184-71P Cover - NOS italy3.903.22
45204-69P (45204-69P) 45204-69P 45204-69P Pin, brake lever - NOSzincitaly4.003.31
45205-71P (45205-71P / 14612) 45205-71P 45205-71P / 14612 Pin, cable anchor - NOSzincitaly4.003.31
45627-62P (45627-62P) 45627-62P 45627-62P Seat, handlebar U-bolt - NOS italy6.004.96
45628-71P (45628-71P / 15552) 45628-71P 45628-71P / 15552 U-bolt, handlebar mounting - NOS italy11.009.09
45629-61PA (45629-61PA) 45629-61PA 45629-61PA U-bolt assy. handlebar - NOSchromeitaly14.0011.57
45632-61P 45632-61P Nut, upper bracket clamp - NOSzincitaly4.003.31
45633-61P 45633-61P Bushing, upper bracket clamp - NOSzincitaly2.001.65
45634-61P (45634-61P / 3994) 45634-61P 45634-61P / 3994 Washer, pinch bolt - NOSCerianiitaly0.700.58
45637-72P (45637-72P) 45637-72P 45637-72P Nut, handlebar U-bolt - NOSzincitaly3.002.48
45707-70M (45707-70M) 45707-70M 45707-70M Fork stem - NOS italy75.0061.98
45721-61P (45721-61P) 45721-61P 45721-61P Washer, fork stem nut - NOS italy3.002.48
45735-63P (45735-63P) 45735-63P 45735-63P Stud, fork bracket - NOSzincitaly6.004.96
45737-71P (45737-71P) 45737-71P 45737-71P Spacer, fork bracket stud - NOS italy3.002.48
45738-61Pused 45738-61P Upper bracketblackitaly19.0015.70
45746-61P (45746-61P) 45746-61P 45746-61P Nut, fork stem - NOSchromeitaly29.0023.97
45777-61PB (45777-61PB) 45777-61PB 45777-61PB Fork plug - NOS italy27.0022.31
45780-61P (45780-61P / 3123) 45780-61P 45780-61P / 3123 O-ring / Seal, fork plug - NOSCerianiitaly5.004.13
45781-61P (45781-61P) 45781-61P 45781-61P Washer, fork plug - NOS italy3.002.48
45781-67P (45781-67P) 45781-67P 45781-67P Rubber pad - fork plug - NOS italy2.502.07
45803-71P (45803-71P) 45803-71P 45803-71P Slider assy. - right - NOS italy185.00152.89
45816-62P (45816-62P) 45816-62P 45816-62P Anchor plate, steering damper - NOSblackitaly12.009.92
45826-61P (45826-61P /27680-75P) 45826-61P 45826-61P /27680-75P Washer, drain screw / inlet elbow screw - 3990 - NOSCerianiitaly1.000.83
45847-61P 45847-61P Retaining ring - NOS italy1.851.53
45848-61P (45848-61P) 45848-61P 45848-61P Oil seal - NOS italy14.0011.57
45848-61PA (45848-61PA / 12040P) 45848-61PA 45848-61PA / 12040P Oil seal - NOS - 14639 italy16.0013.22
46057-61PA 46057-61PA Fork spring - NOS italy21.0017.36
46058-61P 46058-61P Buffer spring - NOSbare 7.005.79
46129-61P (46129-61P) 46129-61P 46129-61P Washer, damper valve - NOS italy2.001.65
46130-61A (46130-61A/46130-61PA) 46130-61A 46130-61A/46130-61PA Damper piston with ring - NOS italy12.009.92
46131-61P (46131-61P / 3981) 46131-61P 46131-61P / 3981 Retaining ring / Lock ring, damper piston - NOS italy2.502.07
46132-61P 46132-61P / 3982 Damper valve / Shim, water pump bearing - NOS italy1.501.24
46133-61P (46133-61P) 46133-61P 46133-61P Body, damper valve - NOS italy17.0014.05
46134-61P (46134-61P) 46134-61P 46134-61P Retaining ring - NOS italy2.001.65
46136-61P (46136-61P) 46136-61P 46136-61P Gasket, 8 mm - damper tube hold down screw - NOS italy1.000.83
46746-61P (46746-61P / 3907) 46746-61P 46746-61P / 3907 Knob, steering damper - NOSpolisheditaly27.0022.31

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