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94120-93T (94120-93T) 94120-93T 94120-93T Acorn nut kit, 5/16"-24 4-packusa6.004.96
94121-93T (94121-93T) 94121-93T 94121-93T Acorn nut kit, 3/8"-16 3-packusa6.004.96
94122-93T (94122-93T) 94122-93T 94122-93T Acorn nut kit, 3/8"-24 3-packusa6.004.96
94123-93T (94123-93T) 94123-93T 94123-93T Acorn nut kit, 7/16"-14 2-packusa6.004.96
94124-93T (94124-93T) 94124-93T 94124-93T Acorn nut kit, 7/16"-20 2-packusa6.004.96
94125-93T (94125-93T) 94125-93T 94125-93T Acorn nut kit, 1/2"-13 1-packusa6.004.96
94126-93T (94126-93T) 94126-93T 94126-93T Acorn nut kit, 1/2"-20 1-packusa6.004.96
94127-93T (94127-93T) 94127-93T 94127-93T Acorn nut kit, 5/8"-18 1-packusa7.005.79
94130-93T (94130-93T) 94130-93T 94130-93T Allen hole plug kit, 1/4"10-packusa8.006.61
94131-93T (94131-93T) 94131-93T 94131-93T Allen hole plug kit, 5/16"10-packusa8.006.61
94132-93T (94132-93T) 94132-93T 94132-93T Allen hole plug kit, 3/8"10-packusa8.006.61
94135-93T (94135-93T) 94135-93T 94135-93T License plate mounting kit - 2 acorn nuts, 2 1/4"-20 screws 2 l/wchromeusa8.006.61
94138-93T (94138-93T) 94138-93T 94138-93T Timing hole plugchromeusa10.008.26
94151-91T (94151-91T) 94151-91T 94151-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-20 x 5/8"chromeusa2.001.65
94152-91T (94152-91T) 94152-91T 94152-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-20 x 3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94153-91T (94153-91T) 94153-91T 94153-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-20 x 7/8"chromeusa2.001.65
94154-91T (94154-91T) 94154-91T 94154-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-20 x 1"chromeusa2.001.65
94155-91T (94155-91T) 94155-91T 94155-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-20 x 1-1/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94156-91T (94156-91T) 94156-91T 94156-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-20 x 1-1/2"chromeusa2.001.65
94157-91T (94157-91T) 94157-91T 94157-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-20 x 1-3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94158-91T (94158-91T) 94158-91T 94158-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-20 x 2"chromeusa2.001.65
94159-91T (94159-91T) 94159-91T 94159-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-20 x 2-1/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94160-91T (94160-91T) 94160-91T 94160-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-20 x 2-1/2"chromeusa2.001.65
94161-91T (94161-91T) 94161-91T 94161-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-20 x 2-3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94162-91T (94162-91T) 94162-91T 94162-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-20 x 3"chromeusa2.001.65
94170-91T (94170-91T) 94170-91T 94170-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 1/2"chromeusa2.001.65
94171-91T (94171-91T) 94171-91T 94171-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 5/8"chromeusa2.001.65
94172-91T (94172-91T) 94172-91T 94172-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94173-91T (94173-91T) 94173-91T 94173-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 7/8"chromeusa2.001.65
94174-91T (94174-91T) 94174-91T 94174-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 1"chromeusa2.001.65
94175-91T (94175-91T) 94175-91T 94175-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 1-1/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94176-91T (94176-91T) 94176-91T 94176-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 1-1/2"chromeusa2.001.65
94177-91T (94177-91T) 94177-91T 94177-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 1-3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94178-91T (94178-91T) 94178-91T 94178-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 2"chromeusa2.001.65
94179-91T (94179-91T) 94179-91T 94179-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 2-1/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94180-91T (94180-91T) 94180-91T 94180-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 2-1/2"chromeusa2.001.65
94181-91T (94181-91T) 94181-91T 94181-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 2-3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94182-91T (94182-91T) 94182-91T 94182-91T Hex head bolt 1/4"-28 x 3"chromeusa2.001.65
94191-91T (94191-91T) 94191-91T 94191-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-18 x 5/8"chromeusa2.001.65
94192-91T (94192-91T) 94192-91T 94192-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-18 x 3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94193-91T (94193-91T) 94193-91T 94193-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-18 x 7/8"chromeusa2.001.65
94195-91T (94195-91T) 94195-91T 94195-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-18 x 1-1/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94196-91T (94196-91T) 94196-91T 94196-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-18 x 1-1/2"chromeusa2.001.65
94197-91T (94197-91T) 94197-91T 94197-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-18 x 1-3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94198-91T (94198-91T) 94198-91T 94198-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-18 x 2"chromeusa2.001.65
94199-91T (94199-91T) 94199-91T 94199-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-18 x 2-1/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94201-91T (94201-91T) 94201-91T 94201-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-18 x 2-3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94202-91T (94202-91T) 94202-91T 94202-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-18 x 3"chromeusa2.001.65
94210-91T (94210-91T) 94210-91T 94210-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 1/2"chromeusa2.001.65
94211-91T (94211-91T) 94211-91T 94211-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 5/8"chromeusa2.001.65
94212-91T (94212-91T) 94212-91T 94212-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94213-91T (94213-91T) 94213-91T 94213-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 7/8"chromeusa2.001.65
94214-91T (94214-91T) 94214-91T 94214-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 1"chromeusa2.001.65
94215-91T (94215-91T) 94215-91T 94215-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 1-1/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94216-91T (94216-91T) 94216-91T 94216-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 1-1/2"chromeusa2.001.65
94217-91T (94217-91T) 94217-91T 94217-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 1-3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94218-91T (94218-91T) 94218-91T 94218-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 2"chromeusa2.001.65
94219-91T (94219-91T) 94219-91T 94219-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 2-1/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94220-91T (94220-91T) 94220-91T 94220-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 2-1/2"chromeusa2.001.65
94221-91T (94221-91T) 94221-91T 94221-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 2-3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94222-91T (94222-91T) 94222-91T 94222-91T Hex head bolt 5/16"-24 x 3"chromeusa2.001.65
94225-00 (94225-00) 94225-00 94225-00 Flat head socket screw 8-32 x 5/8" usa3.002.48
94232-91T (94232-91T) 94232-91T 94232-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-16 x 3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94234-91T (94234-91T) 94234-91T 94234-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-16 x 1"chromeusa2.001.65
94235-91T (94235-91T) 94235-91T 94235-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-16 x 1-1/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94237-91T (94237-91T) 94237-91T 94237-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-16 x 1 3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94238-91T (94238-91T) 94238-91T 94238-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-16 x 2"chromeusa2.001.65
94240-91T (94240-91T) 94240-91T 94240-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-16 x 2 1/2"chromeusa2.001.65
94241-91T (94241-91T) 94241-91T 94241-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-16 x 2 3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94252-91T (94252-91T) 94252-91T 94252-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-24 x 3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94254-91T (94254-91T) 94254-91T 94254-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-24 x 1"chromeusa2.001.65
94255-91T (94255-91T) 94255-91T 94255-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-24 x 1 1/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94256-91T (94256-91T) 94256-91T 94256-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-24 x 1 1/2"chromeusa2.001.65
94257-91T (94257-91T) 94257-91T 94257-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-24 x 1 3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94258-91T (94258-91T) 94258-91T 94258-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-24 x 2"chromeusa2.001.65
94260-91T (94260-91T) 94260-91T 94260-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-24 x 2 1/2"chromeusa2.001.65
94261-91T (94261-91T) 94261-91T 94261-91T Hex head bolt, 3/8"-24 x 2 3/4"chromeusa2.001.65
94263-94T (94263-94T) 94263-94T 94263-94T Tappet screw kit - acorn usa21.0017.36
94266-95 (94266-95) 94266-95 94266-95 12-point screw 3/8"-16 x 2"chromeusa6.004.96
94268-95 (94268-95) 94268-95 94268-95 12-point screw 3/8"-16 x 1-1/2"chromeusa5.004.13
94269-95 (94269-95) 94269-95 94269-95 12-point screw 3/8"-16 x 1-1/4"chromeusa5.004.13
94270-95 (94270-95) 94270-95 94270-95 12-point screw 3/8"-16 x 1"chromeusa5.004.13
94271-95 (94271-95) 94271-95 94271-95 12-point screw 3/8"-16 x 3/4"chromeusa5.004.13
94272-95 (94272-95) 94272-95 94272-95 12-point screw 5/16"-18 x 2-1/4"chromeusa6.004.96
94273-95 (94273-95) 94273-95 94273-95 12-point screw 5/16"-18 x 2"chromeusa6.004.96
94274-95 (94274-95) 94274-95 94274-95 12-point screw 5/16"-18 x 1-3/4"chromeusa5.004.13
94276-95 (94276-95) 94276-95 94276-95 12-point screw 5/16"-18 x 1-1/4"chromeusa4.003.31
94277-95 (94277-95) 94277-95 94277-95 12-point screw 5/16"-18 x 1"chromeusa4.003.31
94281-93T (94281-93T) 94281-93T 94281-93T Primary screw kit - torxchromeusa45.0037.19
94281-93TS (94281-93TS) 94281-93TS 94281-93TS Primary screw kit - torx smoothchromeusa55.0045.45
94285-03 (94285-03) 94285-03 94285-03 Hex bolt cover kit - 4-packchromeusa26.0021.49
94287-03 (94287-03) 94287-03 94287-03 Hex bolt cover kit - 4-packchromeusa26.0021.49
94287-93T (94287-93T) 94287-93T 94287-93T Primary and gear cover screw kit - allen headchromeusa80.0066.12
94287-93TS (94287-93TS) 94287-93TS 94287-93TS Primary and gear cover screw kit - smooth allen headchromeusa95.0078.51
94288-93T (94288-93T) 94288-93T 94288-93T Rocker box hardware kit - allen headchromeusa25.0020.66
94288-93TS (94288-93TS) 94288-93TS 94288-93TS Rocker box hardware kit - smoothchromeusa30.0024.79
94289-94T (94289-94T) 94289-94T 94289-94T FLST seat bracket screw kitchromeusa12.009.92
94292-94T (94292-94T) 94292-94T 94292-94T Tappet guide screw kit - allen head with plugschromeusa15.0012.40
94292-94TS (94292-94TS) 94292-94TS 94292-94TS Tappet guide screw kit - smooth allen head with plugschromeusa18.0014.88
94293-94T (94293-94T) 94293-94T 94293-94T Exhaust mounting kit - allen headchromeusa5.004.13

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